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About Simple Life
Who is Simple Life?

Established in 2016, Simple Life is a professional, corporate landlord with properties across the UK.

Exclusively for the Private Rental Sector (PRS), we create homes that people can call their own for the long term.

Working closely with partners at every step from acquisition of land, through build to managing tenancies, we’re an award-winning landlord you can trust.

Property details
What’s different about a Simple Life home?

All our properties are built with you in mind, whether they’re a stylish 2 bedroom apartment in London, or a 4 bedroom family home in Manchester.

High quality and built to last, they’re designed as a blank canvas so you can inject it with your own personality. Our property types vary to suit a range of needs and lifestyles, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

We pride ourselves on good quality appliances, fixtures and fittings, including fully integrated kitchens for real convenience.

Exact décor and detail may vary by development, but regardless of where you are, you’re bound to have a stunning home.

Are all your properties new builds?

Simple Life London was established in 2021 so all our properties are new.

Across the UK, our first development launched in 2016, so even if you move into a property that’s previously been tenanted you can rest assured that it will have been thoroughly check to make sure it’s as good as new.

How energy efficient are the properties?

All available properties will come with their EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) which contains details of the property’s efficiency. 

You will also receive a copy of the EPC as part of your move-in pack.

Does the property come furnished?

All Simple Life London apartments comes furnished by David Phillips.

Exact furnishings vary by development, and you can find out more on the individual site pages.

I have bad credit, can I still apply for a property?

We will work with you to find a solution if possible, which may include having you pay a proportion of rent up front (6 or 12 months), or providing a guarantor.

If you’re concerned about your credit history, give us a call and we’ll talk you through the options available.

How do I apply?

Your first step is to choose your ideal location. Here you can find the right development for you, and within that your ideal property.

The next steps are to get hold of our team and discuss availability options.

You can find a breakdown of our application process here

Please note that we are not an Affordable Housing provider – our properties are available for private rent at attainable or market rates, so there will be certain eligibility criteria you will need to meet. Our lovely team will be glad to help answer any questions if you’re not sure.

What fees do you charge?

In order to secure a property, we require a holding deposit which is deductible from your first month’s rent.

All other fees are early outlined here.

Can I bring my pet?

We have allocated pet-friendly apartments across our developments, and you can include your furry friend in your tenancy at no extra cost.

All pets must be applied for beforehand – you can view our pet policy here, and download our application form.

How does the referencing process work and how long does this take?

We work with referencing company HomeLet who will take your referencing details.

The timeframe varies as it depends on how quickly you submit your documents to us and when your referee comes back to HomeLet – on average they would normally take 3-7 days to process, but the team will keep you up to date throughout.

Moving in
How quickly can I move in?

After you’ve applied for your property, your application will need to go through referencing, where an external party will check all your tenancy details and ensure you’re good to proceed. As always we’ll keep you updated throughout the process so you know what stage you’re at. We will also begin to liaise with you on the estimated move in date.

Properties come available at different times throughout the year, and if you’re moving into a previously occupied home then we will also be arranging with the old occupiers about when they’ll be moving out, whilst allowing enough time to get any cleaning and maintenance done so it’s in perfect condition for you.

If your property is on a brand new development that’s still being built, we will do our best to keep up to date with the build team on progress so we can give you an accurate move in date. As is often the case with construction, we sometimes face unexpected delays – but throughout the process we will keep you as informed as possible so you can start planning your move.

What happens on move-in day?

You will be invited to one of our branches to collect your keys – please bring valid ID with you.
When you move in, you’ll receive a welcome pack with info about your house including handy appliance manuals, as well as a box of goodies with essentials so you can make that first cup of tea!

Who is responsible for notifying the utility companies that I’m moving in?

Whilst we do notify all relevant utility companies of your move in, it is a resident’s responsibility to make sure accounts are fully setup and kept up to date with each utility provider.

Living the Simple Life
What’s it like on a Simple Life development?

Simple Life London is about more than just your four walls, and we aim to provide a platform for community to grow.

We’ve had great success with on-site events throughout our regional developments, and will be bringing these to our London sites soon.

In summer 2021, the My Simple Life mobile app will be launching too, where you will be able to keep on top of property documents, access exclusive offers, keep up to date with Simple Life news and engage with a forum dedicated to your development and the wider community.

Can I decorate?

You are welcome to make your home feel like your own by decorating, but we do ask that you get written permission from us first before making changes such as painting, wallpapering, installing shelving and TV brackets for example. Fill out our Property Alteration Request form and send it to your Relationship Manager for approval prior to undertaking any work.

Any changes to the property need to be returned back to their original state at your own expense before you move out, unless agreed otherwise with our team. This is to make sure that whoever moves in after you gets the same blank canvas you enjoy!

There’s plenty you can do with clever decorating solutions and hacks that won’t affect the property permanently – find out more on our Home Inspiration blog.

Do you cover any maintenance issues?

Within your welcome pack you can find simple and easy tips to keep your home maintained and in working order. You will have a dedicated Relationship Manager throughout your tenancy who is there to take on any maintenance queries.

You can also find a range of How To videos on our YouTube video for the most common home issues you can fix yourself.

If something does go wrong that you can’t fix yourself, please report this using the FixFlo reporting tool, accessible on desktop or mobile. You will receive details of how to login when you move in with us.

As long as any problems aren’t caused by misuse or resident damage, you can rest assured that Simple Life will foot the bill to make sure you’re comfortable and happy in your home.

Once I’ve moved in, how often will you visit the property?

To make sure that your home is fit for purpose throughout your tenancy, and identify any potential issues so we can deal with them quickly, our teams conduct property health checks around every six months.

We want you to be confident that we’re looking after your home to keep it to the high standard you expect. You’ll be given plenty of notice when we’re going to be coming around, and you don’t have to be present if you don’t want to. Just let us know.

Who do I contact in case of an out of hours emergency?

Our phone lines are open 24/7 with a dedicated out of hours service.

However should you need emergency attention please call the appropriate emergency services or emergency utility lines appropriately.

Can I move into a different Simple Life home?

Absolutely! If you need to downsize, upsize, change location, or want something new, just let us know and we’d love to keep you in the Simple Life family.

I need to add / remove someone from my tenancy agreement

During your tenancy, should your circumstances change or you need to alter the registered occupants, please get in touch with us as soon as possible to arrange. Any new occupiers over the age of 18 will need to be referenced and won’t be allowed to move in until they have passed.

Your rental amount is based on the property, not the number of occupiers, so you will still be liable for the full amount even if someone moves out.

What happens if I lose my keys?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you think you have lost your keys, so we can arrange for a replacement set and / or your locks to be replaced. Depending on the circumstances of the loss we may need to charge a small fee.

What happens if I end up with bad neighbours?

Please report any antisocial behaviour to us as soon as possible, and if appropriate inform the police who we always work closely with when needed.

We take disruptive behaviour very seriously and will work with residents to ensure everyone feels safe and secure in your neighbourhood.

How do I pay my rent every month?

Rent is paid by Direct Debit, and will be set up as part of your application process.

My financial situation has changed and I can’t afford my home. What can I do?

In the first instance please get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss your situation, we can then work through the options available to you.

How often do you increase rents and by how much?

All our properties will undergo an annual rent review – however this will be in line with market rents at the time of review. We will always inform you of an upcoming rental increase.

What happens to my deposit once it’s been paid?

Your deposit will be lodged with the external, independent Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

They’ll keep hold of it until you’re due to move out, and also adjudicate any reduction requests to make sure you get back everything that you should.

I have bad credit, can I still apply for a property?

We will work with you to find a solution if possible, which may include having you pay a proportion of rent up front (6 or 12 months), or providing a guarantor.

If you’re concerned about your credit history, give us a call and we’ll talk you through the options available.

What fees do you charge?

In order to secure a property, we require a holding deposit which is deductible from your first month’s rent.

All other fees are clearly outlined here.

Moving Out
My tenancy is coming to an end, how can I stay in the property?

If you’re coming up for renewal and would like to stay, just let us know! Our standard initial tenancy length is 12 months, but after your first term you can renew for as long as you choose.

We will always get in touch ahead of your tenancy end date to discuss the options with you.

How do I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be held by an external deposit protection company whilst we go through our end of tenancy checks. 

Before you move out, we will go through a property MOT with you, and flag in advance any areas where you may see a deposit deduction if it’s not rectified. This gives you time to get everything in order before you leave, giving you the best chance of getting your full deposit back.

Once you have moved out and we have completed a full property inventory check, we will get in touch with the deposit programme about any deductions needed. We will stay in contact with you throughout the process and will always ensure that all parties are happy with the final amounts. The deposit programme act as adjudicators with any disputes to ensure we are always acting fairly.

How do I collect my keys?

If you are moving in to a property and you need to collect your keys, we have put measures in place to ensure the safety of our residents and our staff.

This includes reduced staff in branch in order to maintain a safe distance at any key collection point, or where possible, you may be able to collect your keys from a designated key nest.

A member of the lettings team will be in touch with you just before move in to confirm the instructions you need to follow to collect yours keys.

I have applied for a property, can I still move in?

Absolutely! We have continued to move residents into their new homes throughout this period, including during the strictest lockdown measures.

We will work with you to agree a date, and advise on any changes to access as required.

Can I still apply for a property?

You can still apply for available properties, or reserve off-plan those that are under construction. As normal, you will be required to pay a holding deposit in order to reserve and take it off the market, giving you peace of mind that your chosen plot is secure for you.

Our lettings team are available to take your call and to discuss all availability with you, or you can submit an enquiry form on the appropriate development page and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The team will endeavour to factor in any construction delays or possible lockdown impacts when discussing your application and anticipated move in dates with you.

Can I still view a property?

We are facilitating viewings in a number of ways during this time.

In some instances, we are in a position to conduct a viewing in-person. Where this is possible, we ask that you limit the number of people viewing to just 1-2 people from the same household, to wear masks when inside the property, and maintain a 2m distance from our lettings negotiators.

If an in-person viewing isn’t possible or you are not comfortable, our teams can conduct video viewings over FaceTime or Whatsapp, or by sending you existing walkthrough footage.

We also host virtual open days streamed live on Facebook, which you can catch up with on our Facebook page.

What steps has Simple Life taken to protect residents?
  • During periods of lock down, home visits may be delayed unless it is absolutely critical, a legal or compliance issue such as annual Gas Safety Check or due to an emergency.
  • Anyone visiting a resident during this period will call before the visit to assess the health and safety risks of any occupants.
  • Any staff visiting a property will be carrying out routine hygiene checks before and after entering, including regular hand washing and using anti-bacterial hand gel. Face masks and gloves will also be used.
  • We would kindly ask that if you are due a visit you open all doors for our team, put lights on where appropriate and abide by the social distancing guidelines whilst our staff are in the property.
  • A proportion of our office staff are still working remotely, minimising social contact. However they are still be available over the phone and email.
  • We are continually looking to put alternative processes in place to ensure our customers are safe, whilst also maintaining customer service, this include virtual viewings and property videos where possible.
Can I still report maintenance?

Please continue to report any maintenance requests through the FixFlo app or by calling the main team. As much as possible, we are working to ensure that all requests are handled in a timely and appropriate manner – however please bear in mind that some contractors may operate on an emergency repair works basis only, depending on the local lockdown restrictions in place.

Emergency works include:

  • Uninhabitable living conditions such as no heating or hot water
  • Uncontainable water leak
  • Gas leaks (you should always call 0800 111 999 – National Gas Emergency Service first)
  • No water supply to the property
  • Instances where your sole cooking facility, bathing facility, or W/C is unusable. Where you have access to an alternative (for example en-suites or downstairs W/C) works may be delayed.
  • Break-ins, fire and security risks.

Emergency repair works will only address the emergency and make it safe, subsequent remedial works may follow.

Health and safety must come first, so if we need to enter your property to fix an emergency repair, we will ask you a series of health and safety questions before our visit. Anyone visiting your property on behalf of Simple Life will be carrying out appropriate hygiene measures before their visit.

Remember you can also access self-help videos for common fixes around the home on our YouTube channel.

We appreciate your patience with our teams and contractors.

Can I still contact the Simple Life Team?

Our teams have been working remotely or in reduced numbers since March 2020, and we are proud to continue to maintain our high standard of customer service. Therefore they remain fully contactable via phone or email.

I have lost my job or my income has been reduced due to COVID-19, what do I do?

Whilst everyone will be in different situations we understand a few will be experiencing genuine financial hardship with a dramatic reduction in income as a result of COVID-19 and we ask that if you come into that category you contact us directly.

We will be ready to take your call and we will work together to seek a solution for those in need. If however you have already made us aware of your change in circumstances there is no need to contact us again in this regard.

For those that are employed but are experiencing reduced income or threat of lay off you should speak to your employer about the ongoing changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. More details can be found on the Government website.

I am due to move out, am I still able to?

If you are due to move out of your property during this period, you are still able to and you are comfortable that it is safe enough for you to do so, please communicate this with the team who can give you instructions on how to leave the keys with us.

I am due to move out but I am now unable to, can I stay?

If you are due to move out and you now wish to stay either permanently or for an extended time, please just give us a call. Please be reassured that you have your Simple Life home for as long as you need it.

We are more than happy to talk to you about extending your contract or coming to a solution that works for both of us.