Get The Look #4 – Stylish Second Sactuary

A second bedroom shouldn’t be an afterthought – with earthy tones and sumptuous fabrics, you can bring style for your guests to enjoy and you to be proud of.
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The guest bedroom in the Capri apartment is a great example of how simple touches make it as inviting as the master.

Statement Pieces

Whilst you’re less likely to have lots of furniture in a second bedroom, you can make your accessories make a statement. Jewel tones such as jade and emerald can lift a standard lamp and turn it into a statement.

A Touch of Luxury

Fabrics such as velvet, velour or chenille offer your guests a sumptuous touch when it comes to throws and cushions. No need to splash out on the fanciest linens, but these extra pieces can be easily swapped and combined based on the colours and themes you like throughout the seasons.

Keep It Simple

Don’t be tempted to go over the top with accessories, colours or patterns. Keeping it simple with neutral tones and a few items will create a welcoming and calm environment for your guests, without putting pressure on you to fill every space.

Get The Look


1. Langdon Bedframe from David Phillips

2. Prints by Desenio

3. Teal Cushion by Next | Geometric Cushion by John Lewis

4. Bed Spread by Dusk | Throw by Zara

5. Table Lamp by David Phillips


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