Get The Look #2 – A Calming Retreat

In this piece we look at the styling of the bedroom in our Futura apartment at Beam Park.
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In a one-bed property, your space to sleep and relax is also a chance to showcase a minimalist and calming style, using soft hues to soften the white décor.

Fabulous Fabrics

The main focal point of any bedroom is, of course, the bed. Playing with fabrics and textures creates a subtle change in the dynamic of a room. With the headboard provided in a flat weave effect, try matching this with a waffle duvet cover or throw for contrast against the smooth frame.


Colour Pops

In a smaller room, or where you only have the one bedroom, you don’t want to overwhelm the space. Bring a pop of colour or pattern in your choice of pillows, soft furnishings or lamps. With a neutral palette as a base, a deep navy combined with blush pink gives off a sophisticated and inviting vibe, that’s easy to change with the seasons or your tastes.



Go Graphic

Let your personality shine through with statement artwork pieces and graphic prints. Whether off-the-shelf or personalised with meaningful imagery or text, they’re also a great way of bringing additional colour into a room. Pair with plain black frames for a striking and stylish look.


Get The Look

1. Langdon Bedframe from David Phillips

2. Line & Text prints from Desenio

3. Striped Cushion from West Elm | Bobble Cushion from Zara

4. Navy Waffle Bedspread from Dusk | Chenille Blanket from Zara

5. Buscot Lamp from David Phillips

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