Get The Look #1 – Subtle & Gentle Lounging

As we welcome more residents into their London homes, it’s the perfect time to share some interior design tips and tricks to get that showhome look in your own space.
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Our fantastic furnishing partners at David Phillips have helped us put together a series of moodboards to help you achieve that perfect aesthetic, using accessories and tones to enhance the furniture we provide and produce a stunning impact.

The first in the series looks at the soft and earthy living room of our Coot showhome, a 1 bedroom property available at Fresh Wharf. But you can take these ideas and use them across any room or apartment to create a relaxing area.

Abstract Prints

Bring a sense of personality into the space through abstract artwork. Combining the bold shapes with earthy tones ensures you retain a feeling of calm.


Outside In

As mentioned in a previous post, nature plays a big part in improving our mental health, and that goes for inside too. For a low-maintenance option, dried flowers are a great solution that also enables you to bring pops of colour and different textures into the room.



Soft Furnishings

What’s a sofa without scatter cushions and blankets? Not only do they ooze comfort, but they’re also great way of keeping your colour palette refreshed, as you can swap and change to match new artwork or tastes. Combine this with a statement rug to bring a focal point into the room, and you’re onto a winner.


Get The Look

1. Abstract Prints from Desenio

2. Rug from David Phillips

3. Bubble Lamp from David Phillips

4. Navy Cushion from John Lewis | Patterned Cushion from

5. Dried Flowers from Shida | White Vase from Ikea

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