Community Christmas Events 2022

In 2022, we hosted our second Winter Party at Beam Park, Rainham and our first Festive Event at Fresh Wharf, Barking.
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Community Christmas Events 2022

Light Switch on & Winter Party – Beam Park

The festivities began with the Christmas Light Switch where the community gathered on 1st December. A live community choir from Becontree was also present and sang carols which everyone got involved in.

Over 80 people attended the main event on Saturday 3rd December – with quintessential Festive activities, such as elves on stilts, a DJ and Father Christmas. We had an


amazing dance performance by Lit Youth who really worked up the crowd! The Two Foodies made sure we were all very well fed with their gourmet burger meal and there was also a mobile bar for all sorts of refreshing drinks. UKON really brought a carnival experience to the party with their mask making session and a lot of children participated. Once all the masks were created, there was a wonderful parade really showing off the creativity we have at Beam Park.

‘Events like these are great, I would like more communal gatherings!”

“The day was very well-organised, and I can’t wait for the next one.”

“This was a wonderful event; my children had such a great time.”

Festive Event – Fresh Wharf

On Sunday 11th December, we hosted our first ever Festive Event at Fresh Wharf. The community gathered around the Christmas Tree on Drydock square to enjoy the carol singers and a very popular Steel Drum Band. We we’re also joined by LDN Mini Bar who provided refreshments throughout the event and Alexandra’s Pizza Van provided discounted pizzas to all attendees. Thankfully, the snow stayed at bay until the event ended.

Carol Singers

’Thanks again for having me attend your event, it was so lovely to meet and get to spend time with some of the residents despite the cold on the weekend!

The music in particular kept everyone’s Christmas cheer going strong over the couple of hours!’


The purpose of these events is to meet and greet residents, but most importantly it gives residents the chance to know your neighbours.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Countryside, Emmanuel Communt8iu School, Strangeboat, L&Q and Folio for co-organising and funding both amazing events!

If you’re a resident at Beam Park or Fresh Wharf and have any suggestions for future events, please email [email protected]


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